About K.A.D.

I have been working in the drug and alcohol field for over a decade. Though addiction is one area I specialize in, it is not the only area I have great passion and knowledge to work with. I offer a psychodynamic approach with unconditional positive regard. I give my clients a place where they can feel safe and judgement free.

Whether you are looking for a clinician for the first time or looking to find someone you can truly connect with; I understand this can be a stressful and anxious time in your life. Let me ease your anxiety by asking you to reach out to me for a phone consultation.

Professional Counseling by Kara


  • License # PC012602
  • Years in Practice: 3 Years
  • School: Chestnut Hill College
  • Year Graduated: 2018
  • Pennsylvania

Kara also guest lectures on codependency for

About “Live Well and Fully”

Barbara Decker is doing amazing work with parents of children (teenage to age 50+) who have addictions (drug or alcohol).  She has put together a workshop about how she approaches this challenge and how parents can work with her to encourage recovery and regain peace in their homes and their hearts.

Register for her On Demand Online Workshop to learn more about her approach and to see if her style resonates with you. CLICK HERE. I can tell you that the parents she works with are changing their own lives and often their child’s lives dramatically.

To learn more about Barbara, here’s her WEBSITE.

Barbara with her son Eric, in Eric’s early recovery.

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Through active listening I can help guide you to what you already know within yourself, but may not be able to see right now. Wherever you are in your journey in life, I can help you through the journey…”

Why K.A.D.?

K.A.D. Counseling is the culmination of over 20 years of personal and professional research, education and growth. My journey of research, education and growth is never-ending. I am always seeking out the best practices within the field of psychology and among my colleagues. Transparency, ethics, boundaries, and professionalism are qualities you can always expect from K.A.D. Counseling.


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